Habitat (A habitat is where something lives. Your habitat is your house)


A buffalo will live anywhere with a lot of grasslands. Grasslands are BIG wide fields full of grass. They choose to live in grasslands because they eat grass and it's not very easy for animal's to find food. Buffalo's live in the north and south part of the (USA) United States of America. The buffalos that live in the south part live near the rocky mountains. The Rocky mountains are a big group of mountains. Most Buffalo are found in North America. When the weather changes it doesn't bother the buffalo. During the winter they grow bug fuzzy dark fur coats to keep them warm. When the buffalo wants to walk through a lot of snow it uses it's great big head as a shovel. Heat from the summer also doesn't bother buffalo because they shed off their fur in the spring.

Diet (an animals diet is what it eats. Your diet would be what you eat all week long for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.)


A buffalo eats grass all year long. Usually a buffalo will only eat grass but if there isn't alot left it will eat things like sage brush which buffalo don't like very much.

Predators (a predator is an animal that may want to hurt or kill your animal)


The only animal that can scare the buffalo even a little would be a lion.

=Fun facts=CIMG0210.jpg
A buffalo can run 35 miles per hour.
A buffalo is usually around six feet tall.
When a buffalo has itchy skin it rubs against trees and walls to itch itself.
One time there were only 300 buffalo in the USA