Where They Live

Caribou live in cold, snowy areas up north. Caribou like places like mountains and big flat land.


What They Eat

Caribou eat lots of different kinds of plants. Some kinds of pants are willow shoots, grass, and small sticks. Caribou eat mushrooms and flowers too.


What do caribou look like?

Boy caribou weigh 350 to 400 pounds when they are all grown up. Thats the size of a cow on a farm. Girls are 175 to 225 pounds. Thats half the size of a cow. They are dark brown with a white neck, bum, and feet. Baby caribou are a red and brown color mixed together.


Enemies or Predators

Wolves, bears, people, and wolverines are the caribou's enemies.

They like to eat the caribou.

Golden Eagles are the baby caribou's big enemy.


Cool Facts


-Caribou live to be 8 to 10 years old.

-Caribou babies are born in the months of May and June.

-A boy caribou is called a buck.

-A girl caribou is called a doe.

-A baby caribou is called a fawn.

-The antlers on a caribou's head are three rulers long.