Habitat where they live

Coyotes live in all the desert and in the plains.

Diet what they eat

The coyote eats meat and fish.


coyotes eat vegetables and fruits like desert melons.

Coyotes sometimes eat farm animals like sheep and chickens.


Coyotes love eating rodents and small animals like rabbits, mice, and squirrels.

Coyotes also eat bugs, lizards and fruits and berries.

predators what hunts them

Coyotes don't have many predators coyotes are sometimes attacked by mountain lions but the main predators of coyotes are people.

People trap coyotes to protect livestock and for sport.


Fun facts

* The coyote can run at almost 40 mph and can get over a 7 foot fence

* Coyotes can breed with both dogs and wolves. A dog-coyote mix is called a coydog

* The coyote is more likely afraid of you than you are of it

* Coyotes maintain their territory by marking it with urine

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